Pre-Order Information


What is a Pre-Order?

A pre-order is an order placed for an item prior to the images being available.  The images from picture day will not be available to view during the pre-order process.


Why place a Pre-Order?

By placing a pre-order, you get to take advantage of our discounted package prices. 


What is the Pre-Order process?

  • A pre-order can be placed prior to picture day and up until February 22nd, 2020 the Saturday after picture day. 
  • Pre-orders are delivered to the organization approximately 2-3 weeks after picture day. If your pre-order is for a sport, the pre-order will be delivered to the league/coach and distributed to your child’s coach and/or team manager.


What if I didn’t place a Pre-Order?

  • Once images are posted to an online gallery, you can find the images under the Galleries menu option and finding your organization under the appropriate category.
  • Orders can be placed directly through the online gallery. 
  • Orders placed through a gallery can be shipped directly to your home for the shipping amount determined by your location.